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Thank you Lisa Gordon for your Act of Kindness!

Lisa Gordon

Featuring in our 50 Acts of Kindness Campaign, is our fellow ‘Yotie, Lisa Gordon, who’s an Administrative Support Coordinator at the College of Business and Public Administration, Marketing Department. She loves to give back to her community as much as she can. She not only volunteers in the steering committee that oversees the Eat and Be Well event, but she also volunteers her time in helping to feed the homeless.

Eat and Be Well is a one-day event celebrating the Thanksgiving season by supporting those in need in San Bernardino County. Through collaboration between public agencies, businesses, volunteer groups, and the people of our community, Eat and Be Well provides those in need with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Attendees are also connected with social services that can help change their lives.

Thank you Lisa, as a volunteer you leave your paw print on our community. We applaud you for your selfless Act of Kindness and hope that each of our ‘Yotes will follow in your foot steps in helping make a difference to our community and beyond! #CSUSB50Acts #pollinatingkindness #engageCSUSB

Thank you Jennifer Navarro for your Act of Kindness!

Jennifer Navarro 50 Act of Kindness collage.

Featuring in our 50 Acts of Kindness Campaign, is our fellow ‘Yotes, Jennifer Navarro, who’s an Administrative Support Assistant at Jim & Judy Watson’s Student Services Office. Every month, Jennifer and her group of volunteers, called From The Heart goes out to the community and feed the homeless. “Our group is called From the Heart, because our giving is truly from our hearts,” said Jennifer. Their group buys and prepares all the meals that are distributed every month to those in need. Not only do they provide a warm meal, but they also provide clothing and blankets.

Thank you Jennifer and your group of volunteers on leaving your paw print in our community. We applaud you for your selfless Act of Kindness and hope that each of our ‘Yotes will follow in your foot steps in helping make a difference to our community and beyond! #CSUSB50Acts #engageCSUSB

Human Resources Department's Act of Kindness for Thanksgiving

Human Resources group photo for their act of kindness.

Thank you to our CSUSB Human Resources Department for sponsoring a student of The DEN food pantry! Your department provided a generous Thanksgiving Basket, which will make for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for our student and his entire family.  We are truly thankful for all of your donations! Your department's Act of Kindness is greatly appreciated.

Human Resources completed their Act of Kindness for our 50th Anniversary; I wonder which department will be next? #CSUSB50Acts

Remember: There’s no such thing as small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with NO logical end.” –Scott Adams

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And the #Peanutpower 1st place goes to .... CSUSB The DEN!

OCE PeanutPower Group Photo.

Thanks to the awesome OCE staff and student staff, ASI and Shannon Stratton, Program Board and Rosemary Zometa, Giacomo Thillet, Bayu Setyawan, Corinne McCurdy, Robert Whitehead, CSUSB social media interns, all of the Greek and student organizations who helped us, CSUSB students, staff, faculty, administrators and campus friends who made this victory possible. You made a difference! #PeanutPower #CSUSB

Thank you CSUSB for supporting #Peanutpower

Snack Attack Campaign collage.Snack Attack Campaign collage.

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Yotie Crunch Trail Mix for our Snack Attack Campaign.
Click on the image to view our Snack Attack Promo!

'Yotes we need your help win $2,500 for The DEN Food Pantry!

CSUSB was invited to participate in the “Snack Attack” contest from the National Peanut Board. The winning university will receive money to be used towards their school’s food pantry.

How you can help?

Let's spread the word on Instagram and Twitter!! The contest will run from today till Nov 6th Midnight. We need to get as many posts as we can! 'Yotes let’s get our game face on and win this contest for The DEN!

Take a picture and use both hashtags: #PeanutPower #‎CSUSB

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Group picture with Title IX and OCE staff with the stuff animals.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and our office, along with Title IX & Gender Equality Office, is sponsoring a special effort to give some cuddly and soft stuffed bears (or other stuffed animals) to children who are affected by domestic violence.

“Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work or School Day” is a national campaign. All of the Teddy Bears donated from now until 4PM next Wednesday, October 14 will be donated to Option House, Inc. and Trinity Children’s Foundation.

CSUSB collected more than 100 stuff animals to be donated to Option House, Inc. and Trinity Children's Foundation.
CSUSB collected more than 100 stuff animals for the
“Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work or School Day".

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Annual Community Engagement and Volunteer Service Fair collage.

Thank you to all our non-profit organizations, CSUSB faculty, staff and 'Yotes that attended our Community Engagement & Volunteer Service Fair back in October. Here'a a list of non-profit organizations that attended:

A Servant Heart Community Development
American Lung Association in California
American Red Cross
Arrowhead United Way
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Redlands-Riverside
Braille Institute
C.A.S.A. of San Bernardino County
Children's Fund
Children's Network
Community Hospital of San Bernardino
Equus Medendi Equine Assisted Therapy
GHC Hospice
Habitat for Humanity San Bernardino
Helping Hands Pantry
House of Ruth
Inland Behavioral and Health Sciences Inc. (aka Inland Family Community Health Center)
Kids Connection Community Outreach Program
Mary's Mary Center, Inc.
Ontario-Montclair Promise Scholars
Option House, Inc.
Recreational Sports Center (CSUSB)
Peace Corps
Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties
Reach Out
Redlands Family Service
Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art (CSUSB)
Salvation Army Shelter
San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services
Schools of Wheels
Susan G. Komen - Inland Empire
THINK Together

2015 Service Project and Movie Night held on October 1, 2015.

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50 Acts of Kindness Campaign

50 Acts of Kindness Campaign Launch collage.

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary our office launched our 50 Acts of Kindness Campaign at our Community Engagement & Volunteer Service Fair last October 1, 2015. We're encouraging our entire campus and community to engage in acts of kindness in honor of CSUSB 50th Anniversary.

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2015 Alternative Summer Break - New Orleans, Louisiana

(Click on the above link and take the journey with us to Louisina)

A group picture of our Alternative Summer Break students at New Orleans.

On July 26, 2015 a group of CSUSB students left to New Orleans for their Alternative Summer Break. CSUSB Alternative Summer Break is a low-cost service trip that takes CSUSB students to communities outside of Inland Empire, where they take part in volunteering and hands-on learning. Above is a group photo of our CSUSB students and staff at Saint Anne Parish neighboor volunteering with Youth Rebuilding New Orleans non-profit organization.

Alternative Summer Break students volunteering with the Youth Rebuilding News Orleans organization at Saint Anne Parish neighborhood.
'Yotes volunteering at Saint Anne Parish neighboor in New Orleans.

Alternative Summer Break students volunteering with Arc of Greater New Orleans at Mardi Gras bead recycling plant.
'Yotes sorting through Mardi Gras beads at a recycling plant in Louisiana for Arc of Greater New Orleans.

CSUSB hand print on a cement at Saint Anne Parish neighborhood in New Orleans.
'Yotes leaving their paw print in New Orleans!
What are you doing this summer that makes an impact in your community?

For more images of our NOLA trip click on the link.

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Educational Opportunity Program
2015 Summer Bridge Program

Collage of pictures of our CSUSB EOP Summer Bridge Program.
CSUSB students headed to Helping Hands Food Pantry and Family Services Association in Redlands for their service project on Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Part of their EOP Summer Bridge Program is to encourage the students to be an active citizen in their community and highten their sense of volunterism.

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OCE's 2014-2015 ADVENTURES!

Leave Your Paw Print image.

Click on the image to view our 2014-2015 slideshow! It's been a great year and we look forward to another fantastic year this coming academic year! Have a great summer 'Yotes!

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MyPawPrint campaign image

Stay tuned, MyPawprint website is coming soon!

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