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President’s Volunteer Service Award, will you or your group earn Gold recognition this coming year?

The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is the premier volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition. The award celebrates the impact we can all make in bettering our communities and our world.

Make sure you track your volunteer service hours and complete the application form, which can all be found at http://engage.csusb.edu/students.html. There is also a new requirement for the group, it now requires to have each member contribute at least 25 hours toward the total. The deadline to submit your application is May 1, 2015.

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USTD 100-section 16 class picture at Helping Hands Pantry.

Had such an amazing time doing our service project at Helping Hands Pantry on Oct. 10, 2014. No better feeling than helping those in need. Special thanks to USTD 100-section 16, Doreen Hatcher's class for Leaving your Paw Prints in our community!

Here are some feedback from our CSUSB students regarding their experience at Helping Hands Pantry:

Share a memorable moment from the project:
"Just doing this made me feel accomplished, I will always remember it.”
"We all had fun and laughed and got closer as a class."
"When I realized who I have helped out and that I have made a difference.”
"All of us working to help others in need."
"Hearing the huge impact our service made."

What advice would you give next years USTD 100 students?
"Participate to the full extent.”
"A little help is better than no help."
"Never forget where you come from and how far you have gotten. Be grateful for what you have."
"It's a great experience, and it feels great helping others out."
"Actively participate, you feel your are accomplished.”
“Don’t be upset because you have to wake up early, make the most of it!"
"It is very fun and you wont regret it, knowing you helped other people.”

Any other feedback?
"Wanted to volunteer, so glad I got this chance and I want to keep volunteering."
"I love the t-shirts."
"It was amazing! I enjoyed it!”

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USTD 100 students photo at the 5th Annual Walk to Remember event on campus.

On October 18, 2014 we had our 2nd service plunge at the “5th Annual Walk to Remember” event held on-campus and it was great! The event supported families/individuals dealing with the loss of a baby in pregnancy or infancy for any reason.

We wanted to share with everyone some memorable moments and advice to other USTD 100 students from the evaluation forms.

Share a memorable moment from the project:
"A memorable moment is when they let the balloons go to show all the babies.”
"The amount of families that showed up to support and the new people I met.”
"I loved helping people to their locations. Their smiles and "Thank You’s" made me feel wonderful. And the balloons were perfect."
“I was touched to see everyone come together.”
“Handing out the balloons to the parents who lost infants, I loved helping.”
“Meeting people from my class.”
“Helping these families and volunteering my time to do my part.”

What advice would you give next years USTD 100 students?

"To come and volunteer, share the experience with your peers.”
"Don’t just go through the motions while here.”
"To attend this event because its truly touching.”
"Being in USTD 100 is a great class.”
"Make sure to volunteer and have a good attitude."
“Volunteering is great, I didn’t volunteer before but this made me want to do it more often.”
“It may seem early and boring, but once you get going it actually is really fun and beneficial.”

Any other feedback?
"Loved it."
"Everyone should help their community and volunteer and this is a great opportunity.”

Thank you ‘Yotes for volunteering!

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