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Community Engagement and Volunteer Service Fair on Oct. 2

Cal State San Bernardino will host its annual Community Engagement and Volunteer Service Fair on Thursday, October 2, 2014 from 10 a.m. -2 p.m. in front lawn of the Pfau Library. All CSUSB students are encouraged to attend.

The Community Engagement and Volunteer Service Fair is hosted by CSUSB’s Office of Community Engagement to help students develop a better understanding of the nonprofits that serve the community and assist students seeking meaningful opportunities to engage in the community. The event is also designed to encourage students to be engaged in volunteer service and enhance their professional development and career readiness through service learning.

Beginning at 10 a.m., CSUSB students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from over 30 local based community agencies.

Following the fair is the service project and free movie screening. Both events are hosted by the Office of Community Engagement and John M. Pfau Library. Our students will be making a care kit to give to our neighbors in need and then enjoying the free screening of the film “Neighbors."

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In the news ...

CSUSB students group photo at Alaska

CSUSB students take their volunteer service to the ‘last frontier’

San Bernardino, Calif. (8.26.14) -- A group of 16 Cal State San Bernardino students returned from a weeklong volunteer service trip to Alaska with renewed inspiration and commitment to serve in their own Inland Empire communities.

CSUSB’s Alternative Break Program provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in an intensive public service experience while increasing their understanding of significant social and environmental problems. Engaged in direct service related to these problems, students live and work in communities with which they otherwise would have little contact.

The program’s main goal is to expose and educate participants about the root causes of community issues, while also making an immediate difference in the excursion’s respective communities.

“Going on the service trip to Alaska was such an enriching experience,” said Janelle Doyle, a CSUSB second-year biology major and President’s Academic Excellence Scholar. “One second we’d be floating on our backs down a canyon river, the next we’d be putting up the walls on a house for a family who needed it.

“Then we’d be off to a museum, sea life center, or research facility to learn about Alaskan native heritage, and how hard Alaskans work to preserve culture and marine life,” said the San Bernardino resident. “There was never a single moment where I didn’t feel like I was gaining a new appreciation for something and how just a few hours of volunteer work can go a very long way,” Doyle said.

Read the complete article at "CSUSB students take their volunteer service to the ‘last frontier'."

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CSUSB EOP Summer Bridge Service Project

Day 1

EOP students group photo on August 19, 2104.

Go 'Yotes! Here are our first group of EOP students that had gone to Mary's Mercy Center and Helping Hands Pantry on August 19, 2014. They were very excited to volunteer at the community.

EOP students group photo at Mary's Mercy Center on August 19.

Help Hands Pantry collage picture.

Day 2

EOP students group photo on August 21, 2014.

2nd day at Mercy's Mercy Center and collage of photos.

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Reflection day ...

Group photo during our reflection day.Another group of students during reflection day.

Another group of students during reflection day!Another group of students during reflection day.

What did we learn from our experience?

Group 1

Group 1 presentation picture.

"We would volunteer again, because we've realize how blessed, priviledged and healthy we truly are."

Group 2

Group 2 presentation picture.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Group 3

Group 3 presentation photo.

"Yes, I [we] would volunteer again, because it made me [us] appreciate what I [we] have; I [we] enjoyed helping others."

Group 4

Group 4 presentation image.

"Yes, you make the less fortunate, furtunate. It benefits everyone. Meet new people and network." #ImpactCSUSB #BetheChange

Group 5

Group 5 presentation photo.

"Yes, because if makes us feel good to give back to the community and help those who are not as priviledged as us. It is rewarding to yourself and to your community as well. It put into prespective the things we take for granted." #EngageMakeAChange

Group 6

Group 1 photo

"Mary's Mercy Center was a great experience. Can't wait to do this again."

Group 7

Group 7 presentation image.

"I'm [we're] glad I [we] got the opportunity to serve my [our] community @MMC2014." #BetheChange #LifeChanging

Group 8

Group 8 presentation photo.

"Yes of course because it was a eye opener. It also felt good to help others and feel appreciated about all the opportunity we have." #HelptheCommunity

Collage of group 1-8 reflections.

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We asked our group of students to share their memorable moments from their experience. Here are some of their reply:

    "Packing different types of food and later seeing those in need with their small bags and holding them and carrying them with so much care. They really appreciated it. Many of those in need said thank you and gave a very small but humble smile."

    "How everyone worked together and we saw the people that we helped happy."

    "When everyone held their hands and prayed, and when everyone would thank us for the smallest things."

    "A memorable moment from this project was seeing how grateful everyone was because we were there."

    "A memorable moment was that a man that I met and talked to was giving me advice about life. He then liked my personality and told me to continue to have a good heart and gave me a chocolate."

    "Learning how to mop."

    "Getting to know other people and their stories."

    "We were all able to work together and we all got along and no one had nothing but a positive attitude."

Now that you had this experience, what advice would you give next years EOP Summer bridge students?

    "Giving back to the community is a great way to start off your college years."

    "I hope next year's EOP students appreciate what they have accomplished, and others around them. Future students should go on through life as a humble but confident person."

    "To actually take advantage of this opportunity because it benefits you and others."

    "I would tell them that they should most definitely volunteer because one little act can make a big impact on someone's life."

    "To help out, participate, learn, and enjoy."

    "To stay involved in the community."

    "To help because it benefits everyone."

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Mary's Mercy Center volunteer group photo.

Our office spent a day giving back to our community by volunteering at Mary's Mercy Center on August 20, 2014. Thank you to our fellow 'Yotes at Recreation Sports Center, Alumni Affairs and Undergraduate Studies for joining us. Great job 'Yotes!

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